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ProofHQ approached PCR to help optimize their marketing campaigns and show a true ROI on their efforts. They had been using Hubspot’s marketing platform for several years and had recently incorporated the Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) tool into their process. They struggled with fractured communication and integration between marketing and sales, which resulted in reporting inaccuracies of traffic, leads and ultimately, customers. Without a way to definitively quantify their paid marketing efforts or see an accurate representation of their 90,000 contacts, they needed a clear strategy on how best to leverage the two systems.


Our solution was to tackle the underlying problem first. We engaged on a 90 day project to fix the integration and attribution issues that were hampering ProofHQ’s effectiveness. Immersing ourselves in their Hubspot and Salesforce accounts, we analyzed the data at every step of the lead acquisition and qualification process and identified critical points of friction. From there we deployed an action plan that would not only fix the existing errors, but provide a scalable model for how all traffic, leads and customers should be attributed, segmented and qualified moving forward. We developed a system of automated workflows to categorize each contact, and worked with their team to adopt it into their process. Our attribution paradigm was customized for ProofHQ’s business goals and the specific breakdown of how they needed to see leads reported.


• Hubspot & Salesforce Integration
• Marketing & Sales Optimization
• Attribution & Reporting
• Lead Scoring & Qualification
• Lead Flow Visualization


Our relationship with PCR was nothing short of spectacular. Their ability to assess and dynamically architect a solution that fit our business was impressive. Bringing them on as a strategic partner was a major value-add and something I would recommend to any marketing organization that is looking to optimize their configuration.
— Ryan Dunagen Director of Demand Generation | ProofHQ