We specialize in inbound marketing; developing
custom marketing plans that attract, convert and
nurture qualified leads. 




We believe that we can all learn from each other. We want you to trust and value our feedback, and we want to learn from your experiences and history in your industry.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services can be employed to help you do better.



Do the best work you can do. Collaborate and help each other improve and at the end of the day, live a balanced life.


We have a serious interest in the needs of our team. Adapting to team and individual needs enables upward mobility and growth.

We build around team members that support each other. The result is a culture and environment that encourages productive, creative work.

We build around team members that support each other. The result is an environment that encourages productive, creative work.




We work hard and love what we do, but we encourage each other to take breaks. After all, our home life is very important and should be enjoyed.


Katy Garrison

Katy's greatest expertise revolves around interactive design, UX, branding, typography and content creation. She loves to be involved in the entire process, from research and wireframes to concepts through full execution.


When her face isn’t pressed against her computer screen, Katy can be found out on the town with friends or making a mess in her studio.

Likes Local goods, Smart design, Great typefaces, Clean foods, Making stuff, Style, Funny people, Taking action

Dislikes Verbosity, Buzzwords, Spec work, Killing plants, Breaking iphones


Drew is our support. And no, we’re not just saying that because he’s the boss. Drew takes care of new business, new ideas, and new problems. He works hard to keep us ahead of the curve.


It’s his vision and positioning that enables us to solve complex problems as a team before our clients even see them coming. He’s comfortable outside his comfort zone and that pushes us to adopt new perspectives and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. For Drew, there’s nothing better than large movie popcorns, the latest science fiction novel, and a challenge he’s never faced before.

Likes Basketball, Reading, M Shack's Crossfit Burger, Jacksonville Jaguars, Infrared Saunas (Sit for 30 minutes and burn 600 calories? Yes please!)

Dislikes People who cut in line to get off airplanes, Scary movies, Manual labor

Brighid Hourihann

Brighid manages our interns and keeps things organized, ensuring we deliver down to the tiniest detail. We’re not sure where we’d be without her. Literally.


She also makes plenty of time for marketing strategy, ironing out the specifics of our client marketing campaigns. Brighid's a lover of family, travel, cooking, blogging, and photography.

Likes Candy, Scrap booking, Going out to dinner but equally cooking

Dislikes Lizards, Waking up early, Sitting on the phone

Morgan Jenkins

Morgan handles branding for PCR and strategic planning for our clients. When she isn’t marketing PCR through content creation and relationship management, she’s busy developing compelling client campaigns.


Morgan’s writing and editorial background gives her a creative edge, allowing her to communicate even the most complex strategies with ease.Outside of the office, you’ll find Morgan honing her originality in the kitchen. She’s big on new recipes and fresh perspectives. Throw in a love of bags, bling, books, and podcasts and you’ve got a self-professed literature nerd with an unquenchable thirst for learning.

Likes Golden Retriever Puppies, Mansur Gavriel handbags, Paddleboarding

Dislikes Slow walkers, Paying Comcast bills, Red velvet, Urban Meyer, Migraines

Lauren Overby

Lauren’s a thinker with a thing for mornings. She starts her early days by catching up on content through her favorite news sites and blogs, then transitions into serious focus time. Once her days really get rolling, Lauren helps our clients think differently and our team with some fresh perspective.


She’s equally capable of seeing the big picture or executing in the trenches. Her sense of adventure, need for precision, and strong critical eye have helped our team refine our approach to marketing strategy.

Likes Sarcasm, Travel, Mini Australian Shepherds, Thunderstorms, Making Google spreadsheets for everything

Dislikes Country music, Zoos, Disregard for left lane = passing lane, and Mayo (including mayo disguising itself as other things. Lookin' at you "aioli".)

Katlyn Plummer

Communication, relationships, and expectations go hand in hand. Luckily for us, Katlyn manages all three, making sure that we maintain clear communication and build lasting relationships with our clients that exceed expectations.


For Katlyn, self-education is key. She’s always on the hunt for a great book, bog, or podcast that will keep her on the cutting edge. Outside of the office she’s into cooking, antiquing, traveling, decorating, and spending time with her husband and her dog.

Likes Wine, Cincinnati Bengals, Josh Plummer, Lucy Plummer, Traveling

Dislikes Getting hangry, Slow drivers, Mean people

Spencer Pitman

Spencer works hard to help us work smarter. He’s an expert on organizational design and provides support to our creative and product operations.


Spencer has experience from a variety of different industries as well as a passion for building things. In many cases, those things are the intuitive methods that become the basis of the solutions that we provide our clients. He’s also our resident rock climber and makes time to surf and ski. His fondness for the outdoors and love of cooking keeps him fresh and feeling inspired.

Likes Cities, Summiting mountains, Building software, Lamnidae

Dislikes Choss, Foul weather, Noisy Neighbors

Angie Speas

Angie takes care of the day-to-day. That includes operations, finances, HR, and us. She’s our team mom, and from what she tells us, she loves every minute of it. We love her attention to detail and ability to switch gears on the fly.


She handles a lot for all of us and makes it look easy. Angie’s a lover of spreadsheets and spending time with her husband and her dog. Cooking, reading, traveling, and volunteering also steal her time.

Likes Puppies, Cooking, Traveling, Cappuccino, Finding a good bargain

Dislikes The painfully hot Florida summers, Elevators, Messy spaces


We're looking to grow our Accounts team and snag an Intern or two. We lean towards hiring people not positions, so if you think you'd fit in, reach out and tell us a little about yourself.