Marketing Intern

In the marketing space, the Intern plays a support role in the execution of short- and mid-term strategy, as well as is given significant opportunity to mature their understanding of object-oriented and design thinking.

The position requires a synthesis of both confident problem-solving and the ability to be coached, as well as an excitement for the opportunity to learn in any realm. The Intern integrates into the Account Strategy team in market research, strategic formulation, and client relationship management. The best Intern is organized yet dynamic, task-oriented but creative, coachable but discriminating in taste, and always willing to work hard alongside our team to deliver excellent, winning results.


  •  Support Functions for Account Managers, Marketing Strategist & Strategic Team
  • Social Campaign Management and Execution
  • Written Content Management and Editing
  • Meeting Agendas and Reports
  • Market and Industry Research


  • Strong demonstrated interest in marketing and advertising
  • Ability to manage time and multiple project goals simultaneously
  • The ability to organize thoughts clearly, both in writing and speaking
  • High degree of sensitivity to a variety of experiences and backgrounds
  • Hunger for knowledge and drive to learn
  • Coachability
  • Discriminating Taste
  • Team-player
  • Digital savvy as demonstrated via social media presence, publications, design work, writing, or other success online