Visit Jacksonville


As the official tourism representative of the city of Jacksonville and it’s beaches, Visit Jacksonville is the leading source of information, events and fun for travelers and vacationers alike.



Prior to their partnership with PCR, Visit Jacksonville had very little information on their 23,000 contacts. It was difficult to determine the quality of the leads that were in their database and digital marketing was not being utilized.They needed to grow their online audience from the ground up. 



• Workflow Automation
• List Segmentation
• Persona Development
• Email Marketing




We started by scrubbing through and refining their extensive list of contacts to ensure that our marketing efforts would be effective. We then launched several campaigns to determine each user’s basic travel interests and segmented them into lists based upon their answers. By getting to know their audience, we helped Visit Jacksonville reengage with 20,000 contacts in their existing database. Now, they maintain digital relationships with an engaged user base through tools like email and relevant, personalized blog content.

Email click-through rate increased from 5%-30%

Email click-through rate increased from 5%-30%